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Creating your fundraising page


Donate or Fundraise

We offer you the option of making a single or regular donation to any of our equipment campaign can fundraise for our equipment wish list. 


If you wish to make a donation, please select the item of equipment that you are interested in from those listed by clicking on the "Donate to our wish list" button below. Follow the on-line screen guidance to complete your donation.


If you would like to fundraise for us, please read the following sections to help you set up a fundraising page.


Whatever you chose to do.....thank you.


Create your fundraising page

It's well known that the quicker you create your page and share it to your networks, the more money fundraisers raise. With that in mind, get started now by clicking on the 'Create a fundraising page' button on this Fundraising Hub’s homepage. Follow the prompts and 'voila!', you'll be up and running with your very own fundraising page in no time.


Tell your story

You can increase donations simply by telling your story.

We've helped you make a start, but your personal story is important too so edit the story section of your page to tell people about what you’re doing and why their support is important.

Keep it short and sweet, but descriptive enough so that people really connect with what you're doing and feel compelled to donate.

Remember to say which piece of equipment you are fundraising for to ensure your donations are used effectively.


Personalise with pictures

Pictures tell a thousand words so add some colour to your page with images that help connect people with what you're doing.

Not to mention that having a profile picture of you means your supporters can quickly identify that the fundraising page is yours.

Little tip! Set a striking header photo as this will be the image that features when you share your page on social media


Gratitude counts

Remember to thank your donors. Whatever the donation, it all counts, so showing your appreciation for their support may even lead to another donation down the line.

The handy 'heart' feature, next to your list of donors in your fundraiser dashboard, makes it easy to send a tailored message and track who you've said thank you to.


Keep people up to date

Post updates.

People love to see progress and feel part of your journey.

Tell them how you're feeling, how preparations are panning out, thank donors publically etc. and use your blog post section to do so. This will bring your page and your experience to life for those following you.