TENS machine for maternity patients

This small machine can make a big difference to women in childbirth. Drug free pain management, helping to improve the patient's experience.

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We would love to buy a few of these fantastic machines so we can help multiple women in childbirth at the same time. 

A TENS machine helps women in labour by the electrical pulses blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. The pulses stimulate the body to release natural, feel-good substances called endorphins. It helps women to feel in control of their labour and be less anxious and it also offers a distraction from contractions.

·       DRUG FREE PAIN RELIEF: The Babycare TENS award winning Elle TENS utilises TENS technology to relieve labour pain, can be used in conjunction, with epidural and/or gas and air.

·       OPTI-MAX TECHNOLOGY: The Babycare TENS award winning Elle TENS comes with 4 programmes and an integrated boost button for an extra boost of power.

·       POST CHILDBIRTH: The Babycare TENS award winning Elle TENS can also be used post birth to help with many chronic and acute pain conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries, period pain and post-operative pain.

·       LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE: The Babycare award winning TENS Elle TENS comes with everything you need, including large electrodes and batteries.

·       RECOMMENDED BY MIDWIVES: A safe and trusted brand wither over 25 years of experience, and compliant with medical device directives.