Bladder scanner for neurology patients at Woking Community Hospital

The bladder scanner was delivered before Christmas and officially accepted by Andy Field, Chairman and members of the Bradley Unit team in January.

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The Bradley unit, based at Woking Community Hospital is a regional neurorehabilitation unit that cares for patients who have had a neurological event, many of which are strokes, and require further in-patient rehabilitation to support complex and highly complex rehab needs.

For a long time, the unit has been without a much-needed bladder scanner due to budget restraints, which meant that patients had to travel to Ashford or St Peter’s hospitals in order to have a scan. Having an onsite a scanner in the unit means that patients do not have to face the disruption of moving to one of the main hospital sites and can have any issues identified and treatment provided promptly, ultimately improving their care and experience.

This item was flagged on our ‘Wish List’ in the Charity newsletter last year and the charity was delighted when a donor contacted us to say they would like to purchase the scanner for the Bradley Unit. 

To make things more personal, the donor was invited to come and meet the team so that they could explain why they had donated to us. The generous individual had been thinking about making a legacy in their will, but when they saw our Wish List, they decided that they would prefer to do this while they could have the benefit of knowing what their gift would be used for. After a nice conversation and a cup of tea, the Charity team set up a video link to Kathy Anderson, our Therapy Lead in Planned Care, so that she could thank the donor and explain how this would benefit the Bradley Unit.

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7/10/22, 10:00 PM